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Examples of Humanity in Shakespeare's Hamlet

            The motives of an individual are just as important as his/her actions, and this is evident in Shakespeare's masterpiece, "Hamlet"; a widely praised and timeless play that is worthy of continuous critical study. By considering the key notions of the play, we can explore ideas pertinent to the human condition such as, corruption, human empowerment and personal integrity. Throughout "Hamlet," Shakespeare gives us sharp literary images of death, decay, rot, and corruption.
             Imperfection is innate to the human condition and it is exemplified in "Hamlet." The characters in the play display erratic but realistic behaviors and because of that, they're still relatible to readers and audiences. .
             "Hamlet" connects with audiences in socio-historic contexts primarily due to its addressing of fundamental human issues and what it is to be human. Hamlet's lamenting language, while reflecting upon the corrupt Denmark, "so excellent a king" uses mythological allusions as a comparative reference for corruption, "hyperion to a satyr." This construction of language undergoes a shift in theistic allusions, supporting condemnation of Gertrude's sexual gluttony in line with Elizabethan expectation of women. "Hang on him increase of appetitefed," conforming to their virtuous or unchaste dichotomy constrained expressions of female independence in order to maintain control of the perceived flaws in women.
             The intense personal relationship of Gertrude and Hamlet is constructed in a form in which Hamlet's fixation is provided little context, allowing for the development of speculative interpretations. The established extended metaphor of the "unweeded garden" resonates throughout the princes' cautioning to Gertrude, "not to spread the compost on the weeds". The carefully constructed sentences lack an explanation of motive, allowing for the interweaving of critical perspectives throughout the text to provide answers for the character's mysteries.

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