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The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

            One of the longest running disputes in Canada is the legalization of marijuana. Under discussion is the legality of possession of a given amount of cannabis without being subjected to legal action. Based on historical precedent it should not be out of the question to consider moving to controlled legalization in Canada. In 1908, Drug prohibition began with the Opium Act and Cannabis was not added until the Confidential Restrict List in 1923. This means that marijuana was legal in Canada for 15 years before being classified as an illegal substance. .
             Marijuana is a plant with dozens of documented medical benefits, very few negative side effects, and no known attributable deaths. The benefits of marijuana have been proven to greatly outweigh the negatives, while legal substances like tobacco and alcohol have proven the opposite. Yet, despite this, it is illegal to possess marijuana in some 95% of the world. The purchase and possession of cannabis should be legal in Canada given the documented health benefits, reduction in crime due to the control of cannabis sales, an increase in government revenue, and an overall safer drug under government regulations.
             Colorado and Washington have already legalized marijuana. Canada is regarded as a nation with fairly liberal policies, but instead of taking any steps towards the legalization of cannabis, the Conservative party has actually pushed for the opposite. They have tried (but failed) to increase the severity of the consequences for cultivating and distributing marijuana. It appears that for as long as the Conservative party stays in power, legalization is not a strong prospect. An election win from the Liberal Party of Canada, who has voted to make marijuana legalization a part of their official platform, would be the start of a reform. .
             Although the Liberal Party has a tough chance at winning the next election, success for them would aid in bringing about the legalization of marijuana.

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