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The Beginning and End of the American Revolution

            The year was 1775, and the thirteen British colonies were going through major changes. The colonists were angry; angry that the British crown was doing all they could to maintain full control over them. The colonists demanded that the British crown relinquish their stronghold over them - in particular, stop the oppression of heavy, burdensome taxes. And true to form, the tough and determined colonists would not take "no" for an answer. .
             Inevitably, the tug-of-war between Britain and the colonies intensified, with one side of the political rope destined to overcome the other. A revolution was born; "a violent attempt.to end the rule of one government and start a new one"" (Revolution). The colonists demanded independence and relief from the control of the crown, and with the British holding fast to their power, a revolution was born - and it would forever change the relationship between America and Great Britain. .
             The American Revolution officially began on April 19th 1775, when, the thirteen British colonies were ready for change, demanded freedom, and wanted disconnection from Great Britain for good. (Greene) The colonists were very enraged with the constant taxes, and trade restrictions, that they were being faced with from a monarch across the Atlantic Ocean. Though the colonist were upset with the things listed above, the one thing that caused the most anger toward the British crown was most of all, was taxation without representation. (Greene) That was the one demand that the leaders of the 13 colonies wanted most. The British government needed money after their devastating loses and being left with large amounts of debt (Greene) so they taxed who ever they could. It was the continuous taxes and mounting pressures that made the colonies start to rebel and stand for their freedoms. .
             A good example of how the colonist would stand up for their freedoms were all the protests and organized rebels that they planned.

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