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Disaster Relief and the American Red Cross

            Many people may know the Red Cross organization that focuses primarily on collecting blood from donors and providing it to patients who need it. Although the red cross does specialize in ensuring adequate blood supplies to those need, what many people may not recognize is that the Red Cross is a non profit organization that goes beyond measure to provide disaster relief to victims of natural disasters. Not only does the Red Cross ensure safety of nationwide disaster but they also go out of their way by offering health and safety training such as CPR training and first Aid to the community. The Red Cross deserves recognition for going above and beyond to ensure safety and well being of not only nationwide victims but the health and safety of the community as well. .
             Clara Barton, and some of her close friends founded the Red Cross in 1881. The Red Cross began its humble beginnings when Burton first heard about the Swiss-inspired global Red Cross while on a trip to Europe. Burton brought back the idea to the United States and conducted her first relief efforts in the United States. She aided the United States during the American Civil War. Clara would go door to door in the shops in her neighborhood asking for donations of bandages, food, clothing and more. Burton soon began running adds in the local newspapers asking for socks, cloths and comfort items, promising to deliver to union troops in Washington. Clara soon had collected so many boxes and barrels that she had to move to larger quarters. On July 3rd 1861 she was received her first battlefields pass, granting her permission to deliver what she had collected directly to troops in the field. This type of selflessness really relates to the mission of the Red Cross organization today. Burton wasn't looking for position or recognition but she was determined to do what she needed to do to support the troops and that exactly the spirit that you would find today at the Red Cross.

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