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Astronomer Tycho Brahe

             It should include a mix of text and pictures. It may also include charts or diagrams. (If you wish, you may also include physical objects or "artifacts" that you create, but this is not required.).
             Due-date: Sections 01, 02, 03: Thursday, May 23.
             Expectations: Your museum display should be rich in information, visually clear and attractive, convey the historical significance of your subject, and indicate the sources of all information, quotations, and images (web URL's, etc.). Important events should be dated. Life-dates of important people and reign-dates of rulers should be provided. Text, charts, and graphs must be your own (not cut and pasted from other sources). Text on your display should be proofread for correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.
             Scientific Revolution Figure: Tycho Brahe (astronomer).
             Checklist for Museum-Display Project - Use this checklist as you complete your museum display:.
             ___ 1.) The text has correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.
             ___ 2.) Charts and graphs are my own (not pasted from other sources).
             ___ 3.) All sources (web URL's, etc.) are cited clearly on the display itself.
             ___ 4.) Images are clearly and correctly identified by captions or other means.
             ___ 5.) Sources of images (photographs, artworks) are provided.
             ___ 6.) Important events are dated. .
             ___ 7.) Life-dates of important people and/or reign-dates of rulers are provided.
             - 14 December 1546 in Skane, then in Denmark, now in Sweden.
             - the eldest son of Otto Brahe and Beatte Bille.
             - parents were from high nobility of Denmark .
             - raised by uncle named Jorgen Brahe .
             - he become his heir.
             - went to the university of Copenhagen, Leipzig, Wittenberg, Rostock, and Base.
             - Uraniborg, Hveen.
             - instruments made it possible for his detailed motions of the planets.
             - extensive data on the planet Mars.
             -l ater prove crucial to Kepler in his formulation of the laws of planetary motion .

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