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Customer Service - Influenceing Sales

            For many businesses, the amount of income measures how successful the business. While this is true, sales are only derived from the consumer purchases of products or services. Consumers hold the money and power and businesses develop products based on their needs. Multiple businesses have the same target market of customers, which is why it is important to show quality customer service. In a competitive market, customers can easily become dissatisfied with service, price, or quality, leading them to "jump ship" and switch to the nearest competitor. Customer service is designed to fix those issues and help maintain the customer base a business has obtained, and even if a customer only receives direct service for a small portion time, it can directly impact sales. A satisfied customer becomes a loyal buyer, and those who are unsatisfied, are apt to go elsewhere.
             Overall, businesses measures success by their generated revenue. In an attempt to maximize their capital, a good business model will incorporate many different strategies to make this happen. Marketing being a main link between producer and consumer, is one of the biggest gaps a company strives to fill. Marketing is the process in which the producers reach their potential customers. Maneuvers such as advertising are created to inform a customer about the products and/or services that a particular organization is producing and selling. Gaining a customer's attention is only the first step to customer satisfaction. .
             A business must undergo extensive research to obtain information identifying demographics, psychographics, geographical and behavioral data to develop a certain audience that a business targets, and sells toward. Not only do they develop strategies into advertising to a target market, but they also think in a customer mind-set to imitate their customers' needs and buying patterns. Companies think like their customers to cultivate ways in which a customer's expectations can be achieved.

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