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James Madison and the Federalist Ten

            When President James Madison presented his argumentative essay to the State of New York, he had one key point: a very well organized government would be able to relinquish and control violence that comes with factions. These factions Madison called a "dangerous vice." In short Madison was telling people that we need a well ran government for protection. I happen to agree with Madison. Without a strong and well-organized government there isn't any protection for the citizens of the state. This idea was proven to be true in pre constitutional America. Before the United States of America had the constitution the government ran under the Articles of Confederation. The Articles gave the federal government very little power. .
             All the powers were delegated to the States. This made the United States very weak to internal conflicts and external affairs. Thus when Shays Rebellion sprang up the federal government could not draw an army and could not protect its citizens. This one event showed how frail the articles were and how powerless the federal government was. This is why the United States needed a much stronger federal government. Madison was telling people why they needed to agree to a stronger government. He argued that there were only two ways of suppressing a faction. You could remove the causes of the faction or you could control the factions' effect. Like wise there are two ways of destroying the factions' cause. One way is to abolish the liberty essential to their existence. Madison claimed that this way was worse than disease.
             The other way is to grant everyone the same passion, interests and opinions. Madison also wanted to stray away from the second option too. Stating that people will always have different opinions and to force the same would be unjust and would go against their civil rights. Protection of rights is what government is for, just not physical protection but protection in the ideals and mental capacity of a person.

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