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Incident on New Year's Eve

            In Armenia, New Year's Eve is a much celebrated event. We clean our house and make delicious foods so that when the clock strikes midnight, everything is wonderful for the new year. Armenian's have a saying; if you are well prepared when the new year comes then that year will be a lucky one for you. Two years ago I went to visit Armenia and my family so I could part take in the New Year's festivities. Everything was going as it should have. Me and my mother prepared everything on time and we got dressed in our outfits. Everyone felt that the coming year would bring wealth and happiness. .
             When the new year came we hugged each other, ate, and drank the night away. After we finished celebrating with my immediate family we went out to go celebrate with my uncle and his family. My uncle's house is about a mile from my mom's house and we would have to drive. The weather conditions that night were very bad. We started driving and half way there we saw a big accident. I was looking out the window and recognized a family member talking to the police. We ran out of the car and learned that my aunt and her family were on their way to my mom's house when they had a accident. At that moment I felt angry, frustrated, sad, and hopeful that none of them were hurt. My family members were rushed to the hospital and everyone was ok except for my aunt. She had to have surgery. .
             Me and my aunt had always been close. When I was younger I could tell her everything. She was like a second mom to me and I always knew I would have a shoulder to cry on if I needed to. My aunt didn't make it through her surgery and we were all crushed. Our hopes for a lucky new year were ruined. I was in denial that we had lost my aunt and for about two months I was in a bad state. I couldn't eat and sleep. I felt like I had lost my best friend. After two months I started to think what my aunt would say if she knew the way I had been acting.

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