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Loyalty and Patriotism in Great Britain

            After the establishment of the American colonies, the settlers, the majority of whom were English, maintained their loyalty to England as they flourished in the new land. Once Great Britain realized the significant financial gain created by the colonies, it acted hastily to procure its newfound source of income. Several incidents depict a change in overall loyalty and patriotism in terms of the colonists' identity and sentiment between 1760-1776. During this time the colonists, in their attempts to be recognized by Great Britain as separate, were rebuffed by the Crown. .
             Prior to the French and Indian War the colonies, at this time, considered themselves loyal English subjects and the cartoon posted in the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754, demonstrates the loyalty and unity of the colonies. In the political cartoon, "JOIN, or DIE" Benjamin Franklin is attempting to persuade colonists to unite in the battle against the French and fight beside England rather than remain independent colonies (Document A). However, after the French and Indian War, Great Britain was frustrated with the colonies for their lack of support during the war and Parliament began to pass and enforce laws which would benefit Great Britain by making up the financial losses that were lost in the war. After the taxing began, a multitude of acts displayed the overall displeasure of the colonists.
             Finally, after the Stamp Act was decreed, most of the colonies gathered and formed the Stamp Act Congress in order to protest taxes. The purpose of this meeting was to decide how to act on the current situation; they ultimately decided to boycott imported British goods especially wool, hence, they did not eat lamb chops. The Stamp Act Congress led to the formation of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty, they would commit violence against British officials' property and anything or anyone else they disagreed with. The Stamp Act Congress is an instance of inter-colonial unity and depicts the development of American identity and unity against British tyranny.

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