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A tribute to Canada's independance.

            Start with something small, and watch it grow into something spectacular. Canada, initially joined the war as a subdivision; a colony; lesser of the giant homeland, Britain. .
             We were initially uninformed of the events to happen; however, nevertheless we supported our queen and country fully, both morally, and with arms. The French, who generally opposed the British citizens and English in general, even contributed majourly to this war, provided that conscription should not take place. We had shown the world, great military power in world war one, at the magnificent battles of the Somme, Passendale, and especially the struggle for Vimy Ridge. .
             In these feats of patriotism, Canada was awarded a seat in the Imperial War Cabinet, full independence at the peace conference, and in the League of Nations. However, after the war, our great country's future was at risk of being torn apart, from a single subject, Conscription. Conscription, a war-time method to build a strong army, was to force all able men into military service, regardless of any personal or religious issues, unless it were crucial that you did not go (Example, disabilities, deaf, blind, etc.) .
             Such a simple idea lead to extensive rethoughts and predictions, where the thought "the Government will not honour our rights, and freedom." had came into mind. Many French Canadians revolted against the possibility of conscription, due to their non-loyalty to Britain and their origin France. .
             Canada began as a colony of Britain, and joined as a colony of Britain during the massive world war, and came out as a recognized military identity after the war. .
             Aside from the war, as a contribute to Canada's growing independence this decade, we can reflect upon, and give our thanks to the trans-continental railroads, which is/was a majour player in our country's history, by providing the prairies as a source of income and work for newer immigrants, as the raw material farmed could be shipped to the industrialized eastern giant, Ontario.

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