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             World War Two was a horrific event that lasted many years and it left a legacy of death and destruction. It wasn't just for soldiers and battlefields but for new weapons that made damage possible on our lands, beneath our seas, and in our air. It brought suffering and death to families, races and nationalities. The war affected many people. They were forced to see families destroyed, lives taken and children screaming in horror. In World War Two Canada took part defending their parent country, helping the countries that needed their help. We, as Canadians, should feel proud because many of our Canadian Troops gave up their families, their friends even their lives to give the countries that needed them, the freedom that Canadians had. Canada's effort overseas was crucial to the allied war effort. Through many hard- fought battles Canada was able to prove it was a valuable asset on both the offence and defense. The Canadian will to fight, and determination proved once again the power that the Canadian troops possessed. By examining Canada's important battles, the aid they provided for other countries, and the sacrifices Canada made as a country, it will be proven that Canada's effort overseas was crucial.
             Canada played an important role in some major battles fought by the Allies. Canada's help at the D-Day invasion in Normandy was very crucial. With a victory at this battle, the Allies could advance and defeat the Germans from the west. Many Canadians participated in this battle, and together they landed on ----- beach. Here, they encountered strong German forces, but fought on. By the end of the day Canadians were the only force to have accomplished all of their objectives. Canadians were sent to defend Hong Kong from the Japanese. They were given poor equipment, and fought a large Japanese force. Despite the handicap, Canadians fought bravely. Although Japanese victory was probable, Canadians continued their hard work, but were tragically defeated.

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