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            Canada's military unity is unique and is quite like no other. Over the years, Canada's military unity has shined through many unwanted battles. This unity has been advantageous for Canada, as far as the outcomes of battles are concerned. Canada's success as military power was well proven during the battles of Ypres, Somme, and Vimy Ridge. Between the years of 1915-1917, Canada gained recognition for their military unity because of the battles which took place during this period of time.
             The battle of Ypres was a great accomplishment for the Canadian military. It took place on April, 1915 at Belgian City of Ypres. The First Canadian division joined up with French-Algerian troops in the trenches near the town of Ypres, Belgium. Two months later, the German forces unleashed a new and very horrible weapon, chlorine gas. They chose Ypres for their gas attack. This made the first gas attack in history, and made it terrible for Canadians because they didn't bring along gas masks with them. The Canadians and French-Algerians were surrounded on three sides by German trenches, with only one way for the Canadians and French-Algerian troops to retreat. The German forces quietly brought in 5730 cylinders of chlorine gas to the front line and set them in place. They released the gas on the early evening of April 22nd. The allied High Command had been told about a possible German gas attack but it failed to provide any information or means of defence to the soldiers who were already on the front lines.
             A cloud of strange, green smoke rolling towards the Canadian and French-Algerian trenches made the French-Algerian troops panic and flee from the trench. Canadians proved their bravery by holding their ground for 3 more days. Four days later, less than half of the soldiers have survived. Although the Canadian casualties totalled 6037, the soldiers had stood their ground. The fight kept on going on until Canadians finally won.

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