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Nestlé Advertisment Campaign

             Nestlé is a huge multinational food and nutrition company located in over 150 countries around the world, with an annual sale of nearly $110 billion. The frozen pizza divisions sells pizza for about 1,7 billion dollars a year and are clear leaders in the frozen pizza market, with a market share of 43%. Their pizza brands consist of Digiorno, Tombstone, California Pizza Kitchen and Jack's. .
             Primary Objectives.
              Increase sales by 5% .
              Increase market share in frozen pizza market by 0.5% .
              Increase Facebook followers by 200.000.
             Secondary objectives: .
              Increase brand awareness by 4% .
              Increase customer relationship .
             Methods .
             This year long advertisement campaign has been designed to effectively reach out to the main target markets, which consists of families on-the-go and the secondary market consisting of single men and women. The campaign includes a series of TV, Radio and print advertisement combined with a number of sales promotions and specialty events throughout the year to achieve our primary objectives. .
             Budget .
             TV - $87,888,000.
             Radio - $3,361,000.
             Sales promotion - $3,261,000.
             Specialty events - $ 29,300.
             Total: $95,139,300.
             Benefits .
             This advertisement campaign will benefit for the client by increasing sales and profit from their products and capture market share from their competitors. Through the use of positive and funny advertisement and exciting sales promotion, Nestlé's customers will think positive of their products and brands, and it will build good and loyal relationships with the customers.
             A. Nestlé is a multinational company selling consumer goods within health and nutrition, with headquarters currently located in Vevey, Switzerland. The company is present in over 150 countries around the world, employing nearly 330 000 people and it is considered the largest food company in the world.

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