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Sample Job Description

             - Editing structure and finishing for the report.
             - Writing the organizational structure and design sections of the report.
             Specific Job Duties.
             - Design title page, complete table of contents, organize references and the appendix section.
             - Design report format, design, structure and finish it with finesse.
             Critical Success Factors .
             1. Overall performance measure: 10.
             - Exceeds expectations: A report with a very professional appearance very nicely aligned and structured. It should follow.
             -clarity with the same format throughout without a distracting format. A look at any section of the report should indicate.
             sources of information, section number, etc.
             - Meets expectations: Organized contents (pages, index, appendix, clear and aligned formatting, nicely ordered sections.
             Below Expectations.
             - Unorganized Table of Contents, Appendix, Unordered pages with no page numbers, unaligned formatting.
             - Job performance measure: Excellence of Work = 10 .
             - Exceeds expectations: 8 to 10 = Work that exceeds expectations, work should be original and innovative, work follows.
             all of assignments rules and guidelines and doesn't violate them.
             - Meets expectations: 5 to 8 = Nicely done work, but it doesn't follow all guidelines, work isn't original and is boring and repetitive.
             - Below expectations: less than 5 =Incomplete work and the rules of the assignment are disregarded.
             2. Job Performance Measure: Communication and Deadlines = 10.
             - Exceeds expectations:8-10 = Follows all deadlines, communicates with group member and keeps everyone in the loop, .
             suggests ideas and participates and contributes to project fully, is present for most group meetings.
             - Meets expectations:5-8 = "Member takes deadlines for granted, participation is okay but lacks full contribution to work, fails.
             to communicate properly and keep everyone in the loop, is present for most group meetings.
             - Below expectations: less than 5 = Fails to communicate or follow deadlines and does not participate, is absent from most.

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