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The Influence Of Education Level And Working In Area Of Self-interest/Education On Job Satisfaction

             Seref KURT, Yildiz ÇABUK, Koray MOLLAOGLU .
             Department of Forest Industry Engineering, Subdivision of Industrial Administration, Black Sea Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey. .
             Keyword: Job satisfaction, Education level, Working in area of self-interest/education. .
             Abstract .
             The objective of this paper is to analyze the effect of education level and working in area of self-interesteducation on job satisfaction. The relationships between the variables were examined by two hypotheses; 1. Education can negatively related to job satisfaction if there are unsuitable some work context, 2. Area of self-interest education is positively related to job satisfaction. To measure job satisfaction, a questionnaire comprising a slightly modified form of a popular job satisfaction questionnaire was used. The study was realized on 614 workers that work in four forest industries in Turkey and 258 usable respond were returned. Consequently, negative and significant linkage were found between job satisfaction and education level. According to the second hypothesis result, there is a positive relationships between job satisfaction and working in area of self-interesteducation. Therefore, we suggest that managers should employ workers educated/interested with occ!.
             upation of the organization. .
             Introduction .
             For the past several decades, job satisfaction research has been an important topic in human resource management and organizational behavior. Job satisfaction is one of the most popular outcomes examined in organizational research because it is related to an organization's bottom line in a competitive market. Employees' job satisfaction or dissatisfaction considerably affects firms' overall performance. Job satisfaction relates to positive attitudes and beliefs towards several aspects of job or profession, too. (Organ, 1990) .
             Until now made many definition job satisfaction. For instance, in respect of the definition of Salinas; job satisfaction is an evaluation of job and firm according to the contribution to the employees' objective.

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