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Effective Writing Skills for the Workplace

            Writing skills are very important, so they are worth developing. Knowing how to write professionally will open many doors that will lead to a successful job. Most business professionals need excellent writing skills to properly convey ideas and concepts; moreover, they communicate all day via text, email, online posts, and other methods. Writing quality reveals the applicant's' educational background and their level of business expertise. Effective writing skills in the workplace will help candidates get hired, promoted, and increase their sales in the company. .
             One of the most critical benefits of strong writing skills is the ability to get a job. Candidates who are applying for a job are required to complete different types of written communication forms, such as filling out an application, writing a cover letter, and drafting a resume. When a hiring manager reviews a sample of writing that reveals poor writing skills, such as one containing incorrect grammar or informal style, he will figure that the applicant will not succeed on the job. On the other hand, professional writing and organization skills show the candidate's strengths and suitability for the job, providing a higher opportunity to get hired. For example, Lilia Fallgatter, an author and e-learning consultant, stated in her article "Incorrect Grammar, Spelling and Usage Make a Bad Impression and Can Affect Your Credibility on the Job " Fallgatter has enough experience as a hiring manager to know that writing skills affect every career. If someone is trying to get a job, good writing skills make him or her more desirable to the employer.  .
             Writing skills also impact getting promoted. Every employee wants to earn a promotion at some point. Employees who demonstrate the ability to represent themselves and the company in a clear, compelling, and professional manner are most likely to be chosen for advanced positions. In the United States, 65% of companies require a writing sample and 87% employers hire people based on the writing skills and education in the letter submitted.

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