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Air Pollution and Our Right to Breathe

            Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs, which is characterized by increased sensitivity of the airways to a variety of triggers. It is generally an episodic disease, i.e., acute attacks followed by symptoms free periods. Though most attacks are generally short lived, sometimes-serious conditions occur in which severe Asthma is unrelieved for many hours or even days. The exposure to air pollution affects humans with asthma. The evidence of harmful effects of current air pollution on human health has increased throughout the years. Even though there have been improvements in the air quality of many regions in the word, pollutants from traffic transportation and fossil fuel combustions continue to remain as a particular concern (Rage et al. 2009). Asthmatics are predominantly sensitive to the oxides of nitrogen that are produced by vehicles. It affects predominantly nonwhite populations living in urban populations such as Los Angeles, New York, Mexico city and Indonesia, Where traffic is significantly higher than normal. .
             According to as study done by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Studies showed those children who lived in areas with more street trees in their area have shown lower prevalence of asthma (Lovasi et al. 2008). Studies have also shown that racial, ethnic and socioeconomic differences in asthma are higher in prevalence in poor urban communities. For example early childhood prevalence of asthma is much higher in East Harlem area of New York City than the bordering but more wealthy Upper East Side area. The trees may help prevent asthma by either encouraging children to outdoor play or through an effect on local air quality. Children living in poor urban communities are less likely to be encouraged to play outside in a dangerous neighborhood they may live in. Asthma affects nonwhite populations at higher rates than white populations and mostly predominates in urban populations (Eschenbacher et.

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