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             Pollution is everywhere, it's in our water, in our air that we breathe every day, it's even on our land. What makes pollution? That is the question that everybody asks. Well the truthful answer is US. Yes, this is right we release harmful or even sometimes poisonous substances that can cause harm to humans, other animals and plants.
             Cars and factories can release gases that pollute the air. Some of these dangerous gases are released when burning fossils fuels. Agriculture and factories can release chemicals that pollute river, lakes, and the sea. The animals that live in these places even the plants are destroyed by our carelessness. What about when you take you garbage to a landfill, do you really think that you are getting rid of the problem? No, you are just making a bigger problem. How you ask? Well, you take your garbage to one of these landfill and you dump it off and all they do is take it to a big hole in the ground and they pour it down into our earth. Then all of the pollutants seep out and get into the water we drink, our oceans, our lakes, into our crops and kill the plants and the animals that have a home their. So really, do you still think that you have the problem off of your hands? .
             One type of pollution is something that we never expected, noise. How you ask? Does it interfere with the way that people live their lives, yes! Then it's pollution. .
             Now you are aware of the pollution, but are you aware of what it does to our earth? I'm pretty sure that all of you are familiar with the words: (O-ZONE LAYER). The o-zone layer protects us from the suns harmful U-V rays. These rays are responsible for making your skin burn and can cause skin cancer.
             Some of these rays can get through without the ozone layer, but without the ozone layer blocking most of the U-V rays and light, then life would not be able to live on this planet. The main problem is that over the years we have been using certain chemicals that can destroy this protective layer.

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