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Biography of George Washington

            Looking back at United States History and its people we can say that one of the most important roles ever played was by George Washington. As an American leader he left a big impact on Americas history especially as a worthy leader and the first president of United States. Even though he lived some two hundred years ago he is still remembered as his picture is put on currency, and books about his life are published to this day on. Although there are many written pieces out there about him they all try to reflect on the same thing and some of those things are his early life, his actions in French Indian war, his actions in American revolution and his presidency.
             Reflecting on his early life George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on Feb. 22, 1732, He was the oldest son of Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington. (1) His father died in 1743,and soon thereafter George went to live with his half brother Lawrence at Mount Vernon. (1) His early passion since he was a kid was to go out which was later on discouraged by his mother. Through his brother Lawrence he learned trigonometry and at the same time acquired a taste for ethics, novels, music, and the theater. (2) The knowledge he received contributed to making him a well mannered eighteenth century Virginia gentleman. Later on in an effort to cure Lawrence of tuberculosis he accompanied his brother to Barbados in search of a cure. Sadly the trip turns effortless and Lawrence ends up dying in 1952 leaving George as the inhabitant of the Mount Vernon estate. (2) Through his early life two of the things that he pursued in were military arts and western expansion. .
             His role in French Indian war started of little importance but later on evolved into a bigger one. At the field he started of as a friend to General Braddock in 1755 and performed with excellence, despite sickness, in the disastrous campaign against Fort Duquesne.

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