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Overview of Great Cacapan, West Virginia

            Great Cacapan, West Virginia sounds a lot bigger than it is. This tiny town has a population of only 386 people, however, its importance in my life cannot be overstated and it's amazing history and nature made it my grandfather's favorite place in the world. It's right next to the main town of Berkley Springs with an even more impressive population of 624 people. We spent a lot of time in both since we were living in one but spent most of the day in the other. He was the only reason I would have ever come across this tiny town in the middle of now where West Virginia. My grandfather loved learning and telling people about the history of many people and things. He could of written a biography on tons of different important historical figures because of how much time he spent studying those things. That's all a biography really is, just some history about a person told by anyone else. He did write another type of book when he was younger on communism and Red China. He also recently finished writing a book the traces our family's name and history back almost a thousand years. The nature and ecosystem supported by the ancient mountains that run through this town are part of what drew both of us to it. He was so intrigued with how old the Appalachians were and the numerous species of wildlife in the area. The history of our country in this town was also really interesting to him. Such a little town managed to entice the United State's most famous president ever with its country style attractions. George Washington used to visit this little town partly because of the healing properties him and his social group believed the river to have.
             The Cacapan River runs through Berkley springs as well as Great Cacapan in the shape of a big U. The river runs into the Potomac River, which extends down the northeastern coast of the United States. However, the magnesium the water picks up from running down the mountain makes the water much cleaner than the Potomac and possibly even healing.

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