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Dropouts ineligible for driver's license

            When a teenager turns sixteen, a driver's license is the only thought on their mind. A driver's license gives a teen a sense of freedom and a sense of independence. To receive a driver's license, a teen must pass a series of tests including a written test, and a behind the wheel test. Along with these tests, in the state of West Virginia, the teen must also be a student in high school. A 1989 law passed in West Virginia states that high school dropouts younger than the age of 18 are ineligible for driver's license from the state of West Virginia. I disagree with this law because it aids in the prevention of these high school dropouts from becoming a productive member of society and getting a job, it assist in the relief of the over crowding of schools and if a teen qualifies for the drivers license.
             Most job applications require a reliable source of transportation. This included public and personal transportation. But sometimes the buses are late, or they don't run on certain days and it leaves a teen without a driver's license with any way to get to work. When a parent works full time and a teen needs a ride to work, it is hard for a parent to try and accommodate that teenager. With high school drop outs having so much free time on their hands, a driver's license is a necessity for transportation. Current Issues and Enduring Questions by Sylvan Barnet and Hugo Bedau states, "To prevent a person of sixteen from having a driver's license prevents a person from holding certain kinds of jobs and it's unfair," (p.7) I agree with this statement because it prevents a teen from holding a job in a different city or county. Most adults would state that when a teen is not in school, they are up to "no good" and will join a gang or get into trouble. But not in all cases is that true. With teens not in school, and most parents threatening not to support them anymore, a job becomes more and more appeasing and therefore is required for the enjoyments of life.

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