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The Chemistry of Happiness

            "Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions," Elizabeth Gilbert. An emotion is a subjective experience, which includes various expressed feelings, observable behavior and multiple changes in body state. They make up an immense role and dominate people's lives yet they are intangible. Emotions are greatly varied negative and positive, they range from love, serenity, awe to anger, panic, fear and grief. Emotions operate on many levels. They have a physical aspect as well as a psychological aspect.¬†They bridge thoughts, feelings, and actions as well as operate in every part of a person. .
             People's emotions, whether positive or negative greatly influences their health in an extensively wide range, from infections and heart attacks to recovery and a stronger immune system. This is direct effect because of the connection of the bodies and minds and also the connection between the brains and emotions. Happiness is the most active and effective emotion in your mind and body, which makes you feel very lively yet calm and stable, unlike anger or anxiety. In a state of mind such as happiness there are many chemicals that trigger happiness such as Oxytocin, Dopamine, Endorphin and many more. Each chemical creates emotional development that affects the human body all over like promoting muscle growth and heightens your self-esteem. People can't live without it, it's built in our system: to crave for happiness is what we all look for in life. ¬†.
             1) Why do we feel the way we feel?.
             They dash within you intensely when you feel as if a spider is strolling down your neck or when you misconceive a twisted tree branch for a snake. They gush through you gently when your newborn looks your way or when you see any affectionate scene. When you inspect an exquisite artwork or recall an amusing literary line, they bring you warmth. Feelings and emotions are woven through every human experience.

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