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Summary of Thunder Bay, Canada

             What is the absolute location of Thunder Bay?.
             The absolute location of Thunder Bay is 48.
             What is the relative location of Thunder Bay?.
             Thunder Bay is located at the base of the St. Lawrence Seaway, on Lake Superior. It's located near Wisconsin, USA just across Lake Superior.
             3. What is the total area covered by the city of Thunder Bay? .
             The total area covered by Thunder Bay is 447.5 km2. 328.24  km2 is all land and the remaining 119.0  km2 is covered by water.
             1. Which landform is Thunder Bay located in?.
             It is located in Canadian Shield Landform.
             2. Where is the Canadian Shield located?.
             The Canadian Shield is located in eastern and central Canada, stretching north from the Great Lakes to the Arctic Ocean, covering over half of Canada, it also extends south into the northern reaches of the United States.  .
             3. Why does Canadian Shield consist of rounded hills of rock?.
             The rounded hills are actually the roots of ancient mountains. The Shield has been eroded for billions of years ago so it relatively flat compared to Appalachians Mountains and the Western Cordillera. .
             4. What are some natural resources of the Canadian Shield?.
             Northern Ontario is rich in minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, gold, silver, uranium, diamonds and lead.
             Water resources:.
             A. What is the main water resource of Thunder Bay?.
             The City of Thunder Bay is blessed with water resources. It is situated on the headland of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world.
             B. How many people have access to clean water in Thunder Bay?.
             116 First Nations communities are under drinking water advisories. The number of communities under a drinking water advisory has actually increased since last year.
             C. What is the average cost of water per cubic meter in Thunder Bay?.
             The average cost of water per cubic meter consumed is $1.378. .
             D. How much water does Lake Superior provides to people?.
             Lake Superior provides drinking water for more than 100,000 people in the Thunder Bay area.

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