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Revamp and Enhancement of Security Course Labs

             I am thankful to God Almighty for giving me strength and determination to successfully complete the project. I would like to express my advisor who facilitates me in achieving a better understanding of the concept. His guidance and assistance throughout the course of this project helped me complete this project successfully. I would also like to thank my committee members for giving the relevant information out of their valuable time and letting me undertake the primary research required for this project. Lastly, this project would not have been completed without the constant support and encouragement of my parents, friends and course fellows.
             This project will provide the students to get the latest, modified, and enhanced study material and they will be able to learn the latest technology that is mainly used in the industry and the market and they will be able to get the full worth of what they have paid for this course. The systems in the labs have to equip with the latest operating systems to make the study material implementable on the computers. In the course new threats, viruses, spyware, malware and other things are added. It will offer students a current awareness of the issues and challenges associated with the latest technology. The updated course materials will help the course instructor to teach marketable information and will keep and retain students in the technology domain. Moreover, the new course materials will allow the instructor to provide valuable lab experiences.
             1. Introduction.
             1.1 Overview.
             With the advent of speed and high end functionality, these new technologies also bring along many problems. System Security is one of the major areas which need a proper understanding so that security issues can be resolved without any problem. Keeping this need in mind, Gannon University is offering a security course called "CIS 387 System and Network Security" for its undergraduate students.

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