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Sharia Law - A Persausive Essay

            "Sharia Law is Coming to America,"" is the headline of today's newspaper. As countries such as the UK are adopting Islamic laws, there is an uproar of citizens protesting these changes. Some states have introduced or passed a bill prohibiting foreign laws to be approved in court. Currently in the US, there are 7 out of 50 states that have passed the bill, whereas, 24 out of 50 states that have just introduced it. For a country that has separated church and state for years, why are they not united on this issue? If America does not wake up soon, we will have extreme punishment against crimes, honour killings, and child marriage. .
             One reason Americans need to be more attentive to what's going on around them is because soon their justice system will allow for extreme torturing toward those that violate the law. For instance, I watched a video of a young boy in Iraq, that wasn't that much older than the students in Ms. Kurosaki's 1st and 2nd period ELA class, who stole bread because he was hungry. As law permitted, they crushed his whole arm under a moving truck. There's no explanation that can validate this madness. Researches show that "under sharia law, courts may set an eye-for-an-eye punishment for crimes," but victims may pardon convicts in exchange for so-called blood money". This is important because when Ali al-Khawaher, a 24 old, convicted of stabbing his friend in the back during an argument wasn't able to pay $266,000, the court ordered him to be paralyzed. Forever in a wheelchair. Do you want to lose your hand for a mistake you made? Or worse.die? I thought so. Therefore, wake up America and take action! .
             Another reason the United States of America needs to be aware of what's happening in the justice systems is because laws can start hitting home. And before you know it, someone you know was killed by a family member to preserve the reputation. For instance, image your father or guardian saying "Listen, my dear daughter, do you know that this is the last day? "This happened to Tina Isa, a high school student, murdered at the age of 16 for having a boyfriend.

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