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Advantages of Python Software

             In this assessment task, I was asked to create a small piece of software that's purpose was to take a first and last name as input and output this data in a different format to create a username. This was done using methods such as substring and concatenation.
             Choice of Language.
             The language I used to implement the solution was Python 2.7. There are several reasons for my choice of this language mainly due to specific advantages of using Python. The language itself is very simple to pick up and learn, this makes implementing a solution relatively easy to do. In most other languages variables have to be strongly typed meaning that they have to have a data type assigned to them when they are first declared. Python on the other hand allows variables to be loosely typed meaning that it will automatically choose the data type depending on the data it has to hold. This allows a solution to be implemented very quickly.
             Python also forces the programmer to write well formatted code, this is because of the interpreter requires control structures to be indented correctly as an end Identifier of the block. This is different to languages such as Java where control constructs begin and end with curly brackets that may not be indented nicely unless the IDE auto-formats it. The advantage of this is of course that it makes the code more maintainable. Another clear advantage of Python is that is can be used as an object orientated language. This cuts down on the amount of code needed by allowing objects to be created which can inherit properties from other classes.
             Although Python can be used as an Object Oriented language it has not been done for this short solution. The key differences between Object Oriented and non-Object Oriented languages are that Object Oriented languages can make use of instantiation which is simply where objects of a given type are instances of a class. The use of polymorphism is a key advantage; a polymorphic type is a method that can deal a different result depending the number of arguments it is given.

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