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The Whole Brain Child by Siegel and Bryson

            , teach several strategies that can help nurture a child's developing mind. They introduce several helpful methods that are designed to help a child develop every part of their brain, so that they can learn how to integrate both the horizontal and vertical parts of their brains. These practical methods help parents resolve day-to-day issues, through promotion of healthy neural developmental practices. .
             In a child's developing brain, there are approximately one hundred billion neurons with thousands of connections to other neurons. Then when a child undergoes an experience these neurons are activated and use several different pathways to form a complete thought (Bryson & Siegel, 2012). As adults the pathways in which neurons connect with each other are more defined, and thoughts are easier to produce. Most adults don't have to learn how to tie their shoes, how to crawl, or how to walk and run. This is because they have wired the connections between neurons so there is a clearly defined path for every thought to take place. As children develop they have to learn how to wire their brains. They have to learn how to make connections in between neurons so when the neurons are activated they activate other neurons to form thoughts and experiences. The good thing about this concept is that throughout life both children and adults can rewire their brains so they can adapt to each developmental phase and learn how to do new things. .
             Relatively new to the science of child development, is studying how neurons wire together and how this affects growth. With the use of modern technology new findings in neuroplasticity support the notion that parents, teachers, and caregivers can help a child's growth through experiences they offer children (Bryson, 2012). Essentially they can help children learn how to organize their brain and wire their brain, so that children develop healthy mental habits as they grow.

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