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Journey to Travel Home

            When explorers travel for business, leisure, or permanent relocation, they often leave behind a place of comfort, one with which they have become familiar. This place is where travelers often call home-their comfort zone. Travel takes you away from home but one thing someone often seems to miss is to travel back home realizing the concept of home. We will explore the journey to travel home in Bryson's A Walk in the Woods which follows the writer's attempt to walk the two thousand miles Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine alongside his friend Stephen Katz. Despite their struggles throughout the trial, Bryson and Katz ultimately find it difficult to adapt the new ways of their life. First Bryson talks about his great experience purchasing equipment's at the outfitters store, second being his different views on AT whether to go on AT or not, and lastly realizing the concept of home after completing half way through the trial, but that was not his real intention or point of hiking in the first place.
             Home is a feeling, sometimes long-lasting, seemingly permanent, but most times home is transient and occurs in short bursts. Home is sometimes the largest group where you share ideas and hence can feel comfort with. Bryson had recently moved with his family to a new home in New Hampshire when he came across the Appalachian Trail, this moment sparks the idea to embark on the hike. A lot of thoughts ran through his head one of which was the possibility of getting "reacquainted" with the scale and beauty of his native land after living abroad for a long time realizing the concept of home moving from New England back to America. After being away as long as twenty years there is a tendency to forget some of the things you have held dearly for the longest time and for Bryson home was the awe of his native land, home in the United States of America where he shares the same culture with millions of people.

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