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Concussion Prevention in the National Football League (NFL)

            During the 2012 season in the National Football League (N.4 concussions per week of games played (Leon). This is basically a concussion in every other game. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way a person's brain works. Concussions are caused by a blow to the head, but can also occur when the head or upper body is violently shaken. Some symptoms of concussions include headaches, lack of concentration, memory loss, judgment, and a loss of balance or coordination (Mayo). These are only some of the short term effects; concussions can lead to many brain disorders leaving many players in critical condition with many expensive medical bills. These expensive medical bills result in many players spending their life savings on these bills. .
             Almost 4,000 players are suffering from the ongoing effects of concussions; and many are suing the N.F.L. to pay for their medical expenses (Fenno). Football is associated with many risks that can lead to receiving concussions, but these risks can be reduced with the correct changes to the equipment (Mayo). For example, most concussions occur when a player is not wearing enough protective equipment or equipment that is not suitable for the game of football. Although some people argue that the N.F.L. is too violent and causes its players avoidable injuries, in reality, carefully selected regulations can ensure that the game remains safe and enjoyable for players to play and fans to watch. Due to the high number of concussions N.F.L. players have been receiving in recent years, the N.F.L. needs to implement more rules and regulations to protect players. In October of 2011, wide receiver Robert Woods of the Buffalo Bills was returning a kickoff, one of the most dangerous plays in football, when he was hit helmet to helmet and spun 180 degrees. Woods, who could barely get up, fell after getting up after the bone crushing hit. Woods only departed the game for one play (roughly 45 seconds) before returning and finishing the game (Fenno).

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