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Turning in the NFL

            The National Football League (NFL) commissioner, Roger Goodell, has been under heavy scrutiny because of the unethical domestic violence policy the NFL currently has in place. The NFL's domestic violence policy is a suspension for up to three games, depending on how serious the NFL commissioner thinks the case is. Although some may be in favor of the NFL policy regarding domestic violence, the fact that the United States law protects women's rights, and the NFL policy has negatively affected their partnerships with sponsor, proves why the NFL needs to change their domestic violence policy on how to discipline the players. Domestic violence is, nicely put, shameful, and should not be tolerated at any level regardless of class or status. A maximum of three games is unjust, instead, the victim should decide the punishment.
             Some people may argue that women who get attacked by professional football players deserve the beating. It is understandable to view where this thought comes from because women think they can say whatever they want to anyone thinking they will not retaliate. Females have no filter to everything they say in general, but when it comes to specifically arguing with their boyfriend or husband, it is escalated to a whole new level because men should not put their hands on a woman, and women know that. Women think they have this shield where they can verbally attack and further provoke an incident, but they are protected by the ethics of society that a man .
             should not hit their girlfriend or wife regardless of the circumstances. However, as a man, it is flat out inexcusable, ignorant, blasphemous, and extremely low to lay hands on a woman. .
             Also, the NFL is the only occupation where the player's boss, the coach, can yell at them. And if they show any reaction to that, they may be benched or even cut from the team. If your boss spent hours screaming at you like a crazy person, you would most likely file a complaint.

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