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NASCAR and the Skill of Racing

            NASCAR is when drivers take cars and put that car to the limit. These races can last up to four to five hours. All the time driving at speeds of 200 plus miles an hour, weaving in and out of other drivers. The drivers get this money to build up these amazing cars from sponsors. We've all seen Tony Stewart and the Office Depot logo driving around the track. There is a difference between the north part of the United States and the south part of the United States and that would be NASCAR. In the south there are the people that cherish NASCAR and in the north there are the people who think NASCAR shouldn't even be around as a sport. Saying NASCAR isn't a sport because all they do is drive around in circles, is like saying track isn't a sport because all they do is run in circles. NASCAR is very much so a sport and shouldn't be criticized.
             A sport as defined on dictionary.com is "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature and a particular form of this, especially in the out of doors and is governed by a set of rules." That is around the same that I thought a sport could be classified by with a couple of things to add. First there must be that fan support and making the fans happy. Second by having sponsors to help get the participants ready for the game or race. By those definitions of a sport there a few things that NASCAR would need to match, those are using skill and physical talent, having a competitive nature, fans, sponsorship. If NASCAR matches these requirements it should be considered a sport.
             In any sport there must be some type of skill and physical talent to what they are doing and NASCAR has both of those. These amazing drivers must know the inside of their car and how to control it, so they don't end up crashing into the wall and rolling all around the track. They must take tests to be a driver in NASCAR. Michael J Smith said in "NASCAR Drivers are most definitely athletes" "While stock cars do have power steering, it isn't the same as what's in our cars.

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