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Media - Local and National News

            Have you watched the daily news? It is very important that the people are getting information that they need to hear. Sometimes, the media can be very disappointing because the viewers are very exposed to crime and violence which we all know is not very healthy to any individual. Come to think of it, there are more important issues to be discussed by the news media. These other issues can teach and be beneficial to the people. In watching documentaries, we also learn that the government is working with the media. Yes this is good news, however, the government has been abusing and manipulating what media is capable of doing. News media has been doing its part on providing us new information every day, however we are not sure on how credible, and useful it can always be. The information being credible and useful can help lessen the concerns of the people, and also benefit them more knowledge about their surroundings. The media is responsible for the information it has been giving the viewers, but it is not only the media's obligation. The viewers should also be doing their part on finding new ways to acquire important information.
             Being truthful and honest to the people is one of the most important obligations of news organizations. However, not all the information we are getting is in accordance to their duty. According to Amy Goodman's article titled, "War on the Truth," she describes how unfair of the news media on providing us with deluded information. Goodman states, "Instead of learning from the media what is actually going on in the world, we get static – a veil of distortion, lies, omissions, and half-truths that obscure reality." (6). Clearly, we watch news media to gather information that can enable us to be informed about what's happening around us. Instead of nurturing us with useful information, we are fed up with deception. An example is written on Steven D.

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