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Andrew Carngegie and the Rise of Big Business

            Andrew Carnegie was born on November 25, 1835, in Dunfermline, Scotland. He grew up hearing stories of the famous Scottish heroes of the past, as well as learning about the American heroes of the United States. Carnegie would use these stories and the greatness of these people as his motivation to rise to the top. From a very young age, he witnessed the hardships of his mother and father, and learned the importance of money. Eventually the Carnegie's plights in Scotland would be too many, and with little other options they would head to America in search of fortune and opportunity, as well as rehabilitating the Carnegie name, something Andrew took very seriously. It was in America, where the Andrew Carnegie legend would begin. From his very first job as a bobbin boy, to the day Carnegie Steel was bought by US Steel, Andrew Carnegie was driven, ruthless, and would not quit until he had it all. The main factors that made Andrew Carnegie into an industrial giant was his given knack for investing and manipulating stock, his innovative business practices, and his relentless efforts to rise to the top of industries. .
             By 1856, Carnegie had seen quite a bit of the business world at his young age of 21. He at this time would be encouraged to make his first investment, Adams Express Company, in which he would. This would be the first on many investments Carnegie would make, helping him build his empire, and keep a continuing cash flow to fund his businesses. Andrew's first investment of $600, would quickly pay off. He would eventually receive a $10 check from Adams Express, and thus opening Carnegie up to a different and exciting new business world. Carnegie would be quoted saying, "I shall remember that check for as long as I live It gave me the first penny of revenue from capital-something I had not worked for with the sweat of my brow.(p.52)" Carnegie would quickly learn the trade of investing.

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