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Motivational Essay - You've Got to Believe!

             When you win you feel victorious and its one of the best feelings ever. When you lose you feel weak and powerless. It's never easy accepting the loss and sometimes that loss will haunt you for the rest of your life. It was the NCS semi-final game and the atmosphere was something my eyes have ever seen before, but I loved it and was excited for the experience. There was an enormous crowd full of fans screaming their heads off like wild monkeys. Looking at all my teammates and I could tell we were going to come out of the gates with a burning desire to crush our opponents. It was our time to shine and our chance to capture glory.
             The whistle blows and we were off. Before you knew it we already put two in the back of the net. After that our hope of winning the game was through the roof. We were unstoppable. The opponents couldn't keep up and they looked finished. We weren't going to stop and we were blood thirsty for the win and wouldn't let anything stop us from being victorious. The second whistle blew and we held on tight to our momentum and continued controlling the game. We were all out there having the times of our lives having a blast dominating. It seemed way too easy for this too be a semi final game, like stealing candy from a baby. We put another into the back of the net and the score is now 3-0. My hope was higher than ever and was certain we clinched victory.
             The coach started making substitutions and put in second-string players. He also decided to throw in our back up goalie. That probably wasn't the best idea. They manage to score one goal. It was like we were playing a totally different team. I could tell they still had hope and that this game was far from over. At the time we weren't too worried, but before we knew it another goes in the back of the net. Then our captain ended up getting a red card and we were down a man. I was stunned and my hope dropped deep in my stomach. We were falling apart in front of my eyes and that feeling of hope I had turned transparent.

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