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Inherit the Wind

             "Inherit the Wind" was a movie based off of Christianity Idealism. The South has always been known as the bible belt of America. This story takes place in a small town called Hillsboro, Tennessee. A teacher (Burcham T. Cates) who has opened his mind to learning and has come out of the dark ages, started teaching Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" to his small class. The state of Tennessee had a law that stated " Makes it unlawful for any teacher of the Public Schools to teach any theory that denies the creation of man that is taught in the bible, to teach instead that man has come from a lower order of animal." This law is interesting because of the law that we now have for Religion and State. .
             The story takes place in the classroom of Mr. Cates. Mr. Cates knows that his teachings are against the law, but chooses to teach Darwinism anyways. The local Officials to include the Preacher are there to arrest him for breaking "Gods Law" and the law of Tennessee. This is more of a moral issue for this small town. Most of the people there are very simple, and rely on the Minister of the town to preach his interpretations of the bible. Due to the fact that the town was composed of many simple people (giving the idea of mostly uneducated), it would be easy to be misleading to them. This case gains national attention very quickly, and almost all of the news papers mock this small town. One of the first reporters was E.K. Hornbeck from a larger paper out of Chicago.
             A politician named Matthew Harrison Brady known for his biblical views decided to try the case for this small town. For the town this was a blessing. Not long after the Prosecuting Attorney was named so was the Defense Henry Drumond. Henry and Matthew went back some years, they started out on the same team. Then split apart on their own personnel campaign. Henry wants the world to see what is really there, and not to let people be persecuted for educating the public.

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