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Inherit the Wind

             In Inherit the Wind, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee's thesis encourages independent thinking. For Colonel Brady his belief was the authority of God and Mr. Drummond's thoughts were that God gave man the right to think for themselves and to accommodate many different beliefs. I think the purpose for this work was to point out that man can think for themselves and that no one needs to tell them what to believe in. Although, the subject of which they were arguing, Evolution vs. Creation Theory, is a very tough subject to come into agreement with. I also think that the authors were trying to point out the differences between the conservatives and the liberals. Brady being conservative and Drummond being liberal.
             Some of the major topics the author has to deal with while writing this play was the fact that it was illegal to teach a scientific theory. In order to understand something, whether it is right or wrong, you must know something about it to give an opinion. Another problem faced in this book is that the defendant's girlfriend was the daughter of the preacher. It made it difficult for her to tell people the way she felt because of that. One other problem that came across was that the lawyer, Mr. Drummond, came from up north, and was not very welcomed. One particular part in the play that I found important was when Colonel Brady was put on the stand and how fake a person he turned out to be. He was against something that he knew nothing about and he wasn't even sure about what he believed in himself.
             The authors presented this book as a play, and I think it was presented very well this way. It made me get a feel of how things were going on, but I think it may have been better as a novel just because it makes it easier to read. I found that the authors were not biased at all. They were very objective, and went by "facts" rather than their opinion on the matter. I think that is very important since this was based on a true story(but not history), and in order to get a view on both sides the author cannot be biased.

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