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The Reign of Stalin

             The name alone inspires a multitude of emotions. Most people love, fear and praise God. Some people believe in a gentle god, while others believe in a vengeful god. In "The Sinners in the hands of an Angry God", Jonathon Edwards believes in the latter, a bitter and merciless god. His teaching inspired dread and predicted doom for the sinners. There were people in our world history that aspired greatness by intimidating and scaring people into following them. One prime example is Joseph Stalin. Stalin used any means necessary, including death, to achieve his goals of becoming a leader. Joseph Stalin considered himself God, and believed that all the people were inferior to him, just as God himself is reflected in "The Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." .
             During his 27 year regime, Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin was responsible for deaths of 37 million people. However, he went into history as one of the most beloved leaders. When he died people cried on the streets, and the whole country was in mourning. Such is a power of a charismatic, cunning man. Stalin, though unimpressive physically and a man of unpredictable temper, had projected an air of stability. He was surrounded by men far more brilliant them him, yet he was still able to render a man that people in a country racked by chaos could associate with. By promising the world and being believable, he was able to achieve success where others failed. He suffered from severe paranoia and eliminated anyone that he believed was a threat to his "throne." He brainwashed the uneducated and poor masses into believing every thing he said. His word was law. Every infraction was punishable by death or concentration camps. At any moment in time, one of Stalin's men could take you away and your family would never see you again. Yet if anybody asked about Stalin, he would get praises and respect. When Stalin died, 3,000 people were trampled to death in the crowds trying to catch a final glimpse of their leader - their "god".

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