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Life - Practice Makes Perfect

            When the word, literacy, comes into question there are different responses to the question. Literacy can mean being able to read/write or it could mean a specific skill that one has been adapted too. A specific skill that applies to me would be the sport of swimming. Swimming has become an adapted skill because I practice everyday, time consuming, and the motivation that comes out of the sport. These three traits apply to swimming because if these traits aren't followed through, the skill of swimming will be hard to achieve. First off, I have to thank my parents for putting me into the sport of swimming. If it weren't for them to see my potential in the sport, I would not be the athlete that I am now. My parent's realized that I was, at a young age, very competitive. I had trouble with teams because if our team lost, I was always too competitive to shake the opposing team's hand. After seeing this, my parents realized the one sport that could help cure this problem would be swimming. Being a competitive swimmer, the only person I could be mad at after a bad swim would be myself. Ever since the age of 9, I have been doing swimming, competitively. .
             The second trait coming after my parents is practicing everyday. People don't realize how time consuming swimming is where a competitive swimmer is supposes to practice everyday. Even worse, usually swimmers have doubles at least three times a week where they swim in the morning and then in the afternoon. Acquiring the skill of swimming means that the boy/girl needs to be determined to be up every morning and/or afternoon to give it they're all in practice. Practice will usually last around two hours depending on the amount of yardage that is done that day. The only way to be successful is to go to practice everyday and give it your all in practice because that is the only way the person will get better. It is difficult to stay committed with going to practicing everyday, knowing your coach will give you a practice that is going to kick your butt.

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