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Advertising - Money Isn't Everything

            Images are useful when making an argument, or using persuasion, because they can portray ideas that text alone cannot. The Australian Red Cross used very simple, yet powerful attributes to get their message out. They used neutral colors, very few words, and the idea of a box filled with blood to show the audience a different viewpoint. The Australian Red Cross uses this image to contradict a common belief among its audience and inspire a specific type of action.
             The Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) is a humanitarian movement with the International Red Cross that is focused on collecting donations of money and blood. This image was created using the idea that giving blood is more of an affirmative action than donating money. They want to change society's usual habits of donating money to fix things, to taking action and donating blood. The overall vision of this ad is simple and void. It uses very few colors, and the main point of the whole ad is reduced to a transparent box, with simple sign attached. This sign is made up of all thick black letters and one red "+ " symbol. A majority of the picture is a white counter top with a neutral background that is blurred out. The simplicity of the picture allows all of your attention to be placed on the blood inside to box. If the reader looks at the box and sees the blood, it gives them an uneasy feeling. It makes them want to know more about why there is blood in donation box, it makes them take a longer look as to why someone might make an ad like this. They then direct their eyes to the sign to fully understand the message of the picture.
             There are two main elements of the box that the creators of the ad clearly intended to convey to their audience. The First is the sign on the box that reads "Money Isn't Everything. " These letters are purposefully larger then the rest; the author is being blunt about what he wants to happen. He wants action, not money.

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