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The American Dream in Death Of a Salesman

            The idea that if one believes and tries hard enough he or she can succeed, and be rewarded with the most desirable prize; happiness, which in other words is described as the American Dream. Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman demoralizes the idea of this dream that everyone hopes to achieve. Miller is able to portray this dream through the delusional life of Willy Loman, a typical low income American trying to provide for his family. America in the late 19th century was experiencing an economical up rise, and Miller shows the effect of this on average individuals through Willy and his family. Through the play Willy is striving to live the American Dream, to have a better, happier life. His main focus was on personal magnetism, making that perfect impression, and having the right contacts. He was always preaching to his son's that in order to be successful, you must be well liked and that isn't the true secret to achieving the success he always hoped for. The play should be seen as a whole in which the life, and death of Willy Loman shows the faulty deception of this American Dream. .
             Willy Loman's tragic flaw comes from the fact that he misinterpreted the American Dream, the belief that anyone can rise from rags to riches. For Willy, the success of that dream relies on appearance rather than substance. It's his delusional thinking combined with a lack of practical knowledge that leads to his eventual downfall. Willy remains imprisoned by a set of false ideals. Devoting his life to be salesman on the belief of the honor of such a career, having too much pride to admit that his own destiny was in a simple career like a carpenter. Wearing a white collar then a blue one. Instead he looked up to his bother Ben, a figment of his imagination who told him that money was the true path to happiness. Now out of options, he decides that suicide is his only exit, so his family can collect the insurance settlement and make something of themselves and hopefully help Biff launch his career in business.

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