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Poet - Pablo Neruda

            Pablo Neruda uses the extended metaphor of fruit and flies throughout the poem to explain how the industry preyed on his hometown of Chile. He describes the feeling of despair created by the United Fruit Company and felt by his native people. In the opening stanza, Neruda alludes to the Creation by saying in a great gesture God bestowed the earth to Coca-Cola Inc.90-, Anaconda, Ford Motors and other industrial companies instead of giving it to mankind to share. The tone of industrial conglomerates has always been that destiny has led them to power and to reign over the common man. By sarcastically saying that God gave the world to the industries, Neruda shows how powerless his people feel. They have no way to counteract "God's will" and just have to stand by and suffer. He goes on to say how God gave the world to the United Fruit Company much in the same way The Bible says that God gave his only begotten son to the world. Neruda plays with this similarity in order to show how his people feel that God had turned his back on them. Their religion typically brought them solace but at this point in time it seemed as if God had purposely chosen the wealthy over the common man.  He goes on to explain how the United Fruit Company took the very best part of his country. The money hungry corporations that harvested their fruits for sale overseas monopolized the coast of Central America. The "sweet waist of America" shows how sacred and almost virginal Neruda felt that his land was. The United Fruit Company and all the other corporations that would come along to exploit it, were seen to corrupt the sanctity of his land. Within the first stanza we can see just how close to his heart the land of Central America was to Neruda. .
              In the second stanza Neruda revisits the religious aspects of the poem by saying that their countries were "rebaptized" and became Banana Republics.  He uses the metaphor of baptism to allude to the supposed holiness and sense of entitlement that came along with this rearrangement of his homeland.

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