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Pablo Neruda

             Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), whose real name is Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, was born on July 12, 1904, in the town of Parral in Chile. His father was a railway employee and his mother, who died shortly after his birth, a teacher. Some years later his father, who had then moved to the town of Temuco, remarried doña Trinidad Candia Malverde. .
             The poet spent his childhood and youth in Temuco, where he also got to know Gabriela Mistral, head of the girls' secondary school, who took a liking to him, who won the Nobel Price years before Neruda. The pen name of Pablo Neruda was adopted in memory of the Czechoslovak poet Jan Neruda (1834-1891). .
             Some of the poems Neruda wrote at that time are to be found in his first published book: Crepusculario (1923). The following year saw the publication of Veinte poemas de amor y una cancion desesperada, one of his best-known and most translated works. "Veinte Poemas brought the author notoriety with its explicit celebration of sexuality- (Clemens). This work is the one that most people say that led him to become a great poet; this is one of his most important works. "Some of Neruda's most powerful poetry was in Veinte Poemas- (De la Costa). Veinte poemas de amor y una cancion desesperada, means Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, which was edited in June, 1924.He said that "this book was a painful book that contains one of his most tormented adolescent passions, mixed with some of the nature of the southern part of his country. "Love poetry has equated woman with nature. Neruda took this establishment mode of comparison and raised it to a cosmic level- (De la Costa). The Twenty Poems is about the romance in Santiago (the capital of Chile).""He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. .
             After the book Crespulario, "Twenty poems of love and a song of despair-, is the second great work by Pablo Neruda, even though he was very young, his work is known all over the world.

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