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Children and the Criminal Justice System

            The intolerance of children exhibiting less than "acceptable" behaviors is not new to our society and social norms. In fact, many believe there was less tolerance for "badly behaved" children years ago compared to modern culture. People often attribute the cause of this type of behavior to poplar media and television violence. Children are very impressionable, which leaves a lot of room for them to emulate what they see. There are many effects that might contribute to this behavior including changes socially and physically. I have what may seem like good reasoning for the intolerance of such behaviors but I have seen several examples of why these behaviors are still accepted. This paper will discuss those specific effects and explore possibilities of why children exhibit this behavior. .
             The first major effect for increased intolerance of children exhibiting "bad behavior" may deal with the social aspect of the child and their community. The average child goes to school five days a week and is around about thirty classmates per day. When you have a child demonstrating such behaviors as loudness or roughhousing this can engage other students into the same kind of activity. For example, if two children are playing fighting and this behavior is tolerated by someone in authority, another set of children may think it is okay to fight causing violence. Also, when this behavior takes place in a classroom or educational setting, it can disturb other children from learning. This then can cause a disruption for the teacher and could defeat the purpose of learning. Children learn early certain rules that should be followed when interacting with others. Socially, children are often cultured in school to behave with manners and respect. Behaviors outside of this could make for other difficulties not just socially. .
             The second effect of why people may be unwilling to accept a child exhibiting certain behaviors deals with the physical consequences the child may face.

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