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Latin American Literature and English Translations

             Based on the feedback that I received, I made many changes. My essay was mostly critiqued to be a summary of the works cited. I made an effort to stick to the subject of the essay. I also had to make the thesis stand out more to gain the reader's attention. Furthermore, I attempted to make the essay my own not a summary of work in existence. .
             The strength of my essay is where I explained how Incan culture, government and religion was in no way inferior to that of the Spaniards. The weakness of my essay in my opinion is in my refrain from using footnotes. I attempted to avoid its use. Instead I employed a similar style of writing as that in Foundational Fictions: When History was romance in Latin America by Doris Sommer. I explained my thesis in my own voice using information drawn from my works cited. My use of quotations is an area I would like feedback on. .
             Benedict ______________.
             El Ynca or Inca Garcilaso de la Vega has for a long time been considered as the authoritative figure in and source of Qucheua history and anthropological knowledge of the Inca people and Spanish affairs in Peru until the 1500's. Many writers, including myself, have referred to his work in ˜The Royal Commentaries' when scripting our own literature. The reason for this may be as a result of all other sources of history, having been written by ˜penisulares' immigrant Spaniard colonialists may have been skewered in their favor or biased in giving only one side of the story. Garcilaso was also literate and learned, something not many people were at the time. Of all these reasons the most cited is that Garcilaso himself was a mestizo, the son of a Spanish magistrate in Peru and an Incan Princess. He spent a good portion of his youth in Peru amongst Incan royalty and another great portion in Cordoba, Spain. Thus his work weighs in Peruvian history.
             Garcilaso's accounts shed Incan culture and heritage in a positive light in an Augustinian model; potraying his maternal empire in a preparatory stage for the advent of Christianity.

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