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My Autobiography - Life in a Syrian Family

            October 26, 1995 is the day that I was born. Back then, my parents used to live in a small village by the name of Almishtaya. There weren't any hospitals nearby in the village, so a day before my mom was due, my parents travelled to the city to give birth to me. During the night of October 25 they were having difficulties because I was not coming out willingly; my father was so stressed he went outside to smoke a cigarette, and around four o'clock the nurse came outside and she told my father I was born. My father was so happy, yet they didn't know what to call me, since the day was still during sunrise; he decided to name me Nour, which means sunrise. When I was born I was four pounds fifteen inches. I was snow white of color with dark black hair. As baby I never was bottle fed, I was breast fed for about two years. Surprisingly I also stopped wearing diapers when I reached a year old. Many parents don't plan for the last child, yet mine actually planned to have me. .
             My parents had a regular pregnancy there was no problems with me. My mother was healthy so she didn't need to diet or change any of her lifestyle, but she used to love having coffee and eggs but when she was pregnant with me she couldn't stand the sight of them let alone smell them. Both of my parents were involved, and my father was very helpful; even though he had a job and two other kids to take care of while my mother was taking care of me. My two other siblings helped my mom and dad a lot because they wanted a little attention. My older sister was very jealous because before I was born my parents used to pay attention to her because she was the only girl, after I was born I took all the attention. The only problem my parents had when I was born is that they had two other kids to take care of then I came and it was a little more work than they thought they can handle. .
             According to the book I was an average baby. I didn't have any trouble developing certain skills, if anything it was the opposite, I grew up quickly; especially that I was toilet trained at age one which would sound weird to others.

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