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Unforgiven - Movie Evaluation

             The film Unforgiven, directed by Clint Eastwood, is probably my favorite Western film we have watched so far. Most of the Western films we have watched have been pretty boring in my opinion but I found this film to be exciting and fun to watch throughout. What I think was good about this film was the acting and great storyline. I thought the acting was really good and the storyline is also great and keeps you interested in this film throughout. The only thing I really didnt like about this film were the few repetitive scenes, which werent too long and makes it pretty hard to complain about. Other than that, this is a very well done film with many great scenes that make this film as great as it is.
             2. The overall grade I would give his film is an A. I give this film an A because everything about this film, from the storyline to cinematography and everything in between, is all favorable and deserves the highest grade possible. .
             3. The most memorable scene in this film was the scene where Bill Munny and The Schofield Kid were over by a tree after the Kid killed one of the cowboys who was using the bathroom. The scene is two men out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but nature all around them. The Kid is basically talking to Bill about what happened, and you can tell that the Kid is trying to tough it out but is actually very scared and terrorized by what he has done. Hes trying to drown his conscience and forget all about what had happened by drinking a bottle of whiskey but really needed someone to talk to, which was Bill. We also see Bill drinking for the first time in years, which is also surprising.
             4. The most memorable shot from a cinematic viewpoint was the scene around the end of the film where Bill holds up the bar. What I liked about this scene was the way they had the camera introduced the scene by starting in the rain and slowly going towards and showing the coffin where Neds body was.

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