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World Geography - A World of Volcanoes

            Currently, there are over 700 composite volcanoes located all over the world. Even though most of these volcanoes have not erupted in years, they are still considered active till this today. The location of composite volcanoes can range from far in the western hemisphere to all the way across the world in the eastern hemisphere. Some of the most famous composite volcanoes include Mount St. Helens, located in Washington State, USA and Mount Fuji, located in Japan. Although composite volcanoes are formed and structured in relatively the same way, each volcano has their own differences in areas such as elevation, time and date of eruption, and fatalities.
             Mount St. Helens, one of the world's most famous composite volcanoes, is located in Washington in the United States of America. After about nine eruptive periods, Mount St. Helens currently stands at approximately 8,363 feet in elevation. This composite volcano is most well-known for its disastrous eruption that occurred on May 18, 1980 at 8:32 (Pacific Daylight Time). Because of the damages and the lives cost, this eruption is known as the most deadly and economically catastrophic event, involving volcanoes in the history of the United States. The strong blast of the eruption killed 57 people and destroyed 47 bridges, 250 homes, 185 miles of roadway and 15 miles of railway, coming up to an estimated total of 1.1 billion dollars' worth of damage. Along with Mount St. Helens, Mouth Rainer is also in Washington. The volcano currently stands as the highest peak in Cascade Park in Washington, at an elevation of approximately 14, 409 feet. At the top of Mount Rainier, there are three subsidiary peaks/summits. The highest, Columbia Crest, is 14,411 feet; the middle peak, Point Success, is 14,158 feet; and the shortest peak, Liberty Cap, is 14, 112 feet.
             Along with Mount St. Helens, large eruptions that happened to Mount Stromboli, located in Sicily, Italy, also cost lives and caused heavy damage to the city.

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