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Essay on Hawaii

            Hawaii lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,almos midway between Asia and North America. It has no bordering states because it is a series o islands. The islands togerther total 6,471 square miles. Hawaii's nicknam, the Aloha state, means love,hello, and goodbye. Hawaii's first explorer was Cap. James Cook, and english man and naval explorer who was sent to explore and map the south Pacific in January 1778. Little did he know that Hawaii would become the 50th state 181 years later.
             A major historical event happened in Hawaii on Dec 7 1941. This early sunday morning attack by Jappenese airplanes was a complete surprise to Pearl Harbor. Many ships sunk, but all were later raised and restored. All except the Arizonia which was left at the bottom of the habor will all of the bodies still inside as a mermorial. .
             One of Hawaiis geographical features are its .
             volcanoes. Volcanoes formed the Hawiian islands, although most volcanoes are no longer active. Beaches are another famous feature in Hawaii. The white sand, blue water, and huge palm trees mak hawaii's beaches problly the most beautiful in the world. .
             Hawaii's climate is almost always warm and tropicall, with little weather changes. However the highest temp. ever recorded was only 102 degrees F. This is because the winds keep Hawaai at a moderate temp. .
             Hawaii's most important crop is sugar cane, which takes up about 70 percent of the croplands. Pineapples mae up the othe 30 percent. .
             The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu and is located on the island of Oahu.

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