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Incedents of tourism in Chipias and Yucatan

            The Effects of Globalization of Transnational Corporations and American Culture in Chiapas, the Yacatan, and the World.
             By some kid from Minnesota who drives a minivan.
             Throughout Clifford's essay, Incidents of Tourism in Chiapas & Yacatan, there are several hints referring to the globalization of American culture. Although these hints might not all be intentionally placed there to point out globalization, it's nearly impossible to write a paper describing his visit without mentioning some sort of American influence. Although Clifford realizes that globalization hurts the natives, his overall stance on globalization and transnational corporations is positive because they are very beneficial for the American tourists.
             "We think we can speak (English) freely without being understood (142).".
             The most widely globalized aspect of U.S. culture is the English language. Although technically it is called the "English language," the reason for its widespread popularity isn't because of Great Britain but because of the United States" influence on the rest of the world. English is becoming the universal language. A good example of this is that in 1995 the official language of the European Union changed from French to English. English is spoken in virtually every country on the planet. It is one of the most studied languages in the world, and is very useful to know when near touristy areas. Some aspects of globalization can have a negative effect on the economy or culture of the foreign countries. As the English language becomes more powerful, other languages start to adopt English words. The French find this very annoying and have even passed laws to try to keep English words out of their language. .
             Because the English language is so widely known, it makes it very easy for American tourists to travel. Anywhere where there are multiple languages, English is one of them. Clifford enjoys the fact that he can go to a foreign country and still converse with the cab drivers, tour guides, and hotel workers.

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