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Literacy and Assessments

            The impressions of literacy and assessment will change over time and place, but the fundamental theories will still be used as a foundation into the future. Philosophers have played an important role in helping us understand how children develop not only through their childhood but also in their learning and education. Their research has enabled educators to better understand the influence social and environmental factors have on childhood development and the impact this has on their education. They have researched and studied children, and have given us their beliefs of how they think it best to give children the most successful education possible. "Merely teaching reading and writing skills is not enough without enabling learners to become more aware of their world and be in creative control of it" (Marie Emmitt, 2006).The elements of Bronfenbrenner's social ecology model relate to a child's environment and the affects this environment has on their development and education. This framework has been used as a basis for childhood learning for many years and will continue to be used in the future. Vygotsky social constructivist views on learning are that children construct knowledge, learning leads development, learning occurs in social context and language plays a central role in intellectual development. Assessment in the primary school area is also critical for helping students develop and also helps the teacher distinguish between students and the needs of different students.
             Literacy in primary school involves the integration of spelling, listening and critical thinking with reading and writing. "Literacy is the ability to read and use written information and to write appropriately in a range of contexts. It is used to develop knowledge and understanding, to achieve personal growth and to function effectively in our society" (Studies, 2007). When it comes to children and the growth and development of their literacy skills.

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